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Cloth sofas are very popular at present, and are a type of sofa that many consumers like very much. However, there are many types of fabric sofas, which can be divided into the following categories according to materials. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!We are sofa fabric manufacturer and the best sofa fabric manufacturer,you can know it.
Fabric sofa fabric which is good - cotton sofa
The fabric sofa of pure cotton material is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly. It is close to the skin and is the most widely marketed model. The rustic style is most used in cotton sofas.
Features: cheap price, the most color, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wear-resistant.
What kind of fabric sofa fabric is good - flannel sofa
The most impressive impression of the flannel sofa is its super delicate and gentle touch. From the past corduroy to the current suede, the flannel sofa has changed its identity in the glamorous and elegant. Compared with other fabrics, the velvet sofa is expensive, and the best flannel is 500 yuan/meter.
Features: It has a stylish appearance, good color rendering effect, dustproof, anti-fouling, etc., but it is easy to generate static electricity.
Cloth sofa fabric classification and fabric characteristics
One: blended sofa
The blended fabric sofa is made up of cotton and chemical fiber materials, and the blended fabric sofa can present the visual effect of silk, flannel and linen. With the rise of differentiated chemical fiber and blended fiber and blended fabrics, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel of the fabric sofa of the blended fabric and the high simulation effect can be almost false.
Blended sofa features: strong and durable, bright color, flexible, easy to wash and burn.
Buying guide: When buying a blended sofa, pay attention to the fabric composition of the blended sofa. The larger the proportion of cotton, the better. Read the material composition of the blended sofa carefully.
Cleaning guide: Blended sofas are different from linen sofas, and blended sofas can be placed directly into the washing machine for washing. It will not affect the normal use of the sofa and fabric changes.
Cloth sofa fabric classification and fabric characteristics
Two: cotton sofa
The heat resistance and alkali resistance of cotton make the sofa of cotton fabric not easy to be damaged during cleaning or cleaning. The cotton-like fabric sofa has good air permeability, close to the skin and is naturally environmentally friendly. It is currently the most widely marketed model. The rustic style is most used in cotton sofas.
Features of cotton sofa: easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, not wear-resistant, cheap, colorful, but less flexible.
Buying Guide: When we buy a cotton sofa, we must first pull out the thread of the fabric and burn it with fire. It can be turned into gray and has no good quality. The hand is more delicate, soft and thick, and the color is natural and uniform.
Cleaning Guide: The cleaning of cotton sofas is better than linen sofas and blended sofas. Cotton sofas can be hand-washed and machine-washed, but the ironing process after drying cotton sofas is essential. In a daily situation, the cotton sofa is vacuumed once every two months.
Cloth sofa fabric classification and fabric characteristics
Three: flannel sofa
The price of flannel fabric is slightly more expensive, and the sofa of flannel fabric is soft and feels smooth and elastic. Like the fur of a small animal, the most impressive impression of the flannel sofa is that it is super delicate and gentle. The material of the flannel sofa has also changed greatly. From corduroy to the current suede, it can be said that it has gone through many reforms from rough to delicate.

Flannel sofa features: stylish appearance, good color rendering, dust, anti-fouling, etc., but easy to static.

sofa fabric manufacturer


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