The comparison of knitted fabrics is not easy to draw.


Knitting fabric knowledge
Knitted fabrics have a soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and their productivity. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve. we are trousers fabric suppliers,you can know it.Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the development stage of multi-functionality and high-grade. The new knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed to bring unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitwear.
1. Acetate fiber knitted fabric Acetate fiber has the unique performance of silk, fiber luster and bright color, excellent drape and hand feeling.
The knitted fabrics produced by the fabrics are smooth, comfortable to wear, moisture absorbing, light in texture, low in moisture regain, difficult to pilling, and antistatic. Knitted georgette, popcorn and other fabrics woven with acetate are favored by consumers.
2, Modal fiber knitted fabric Modal fiber is a new environmentally friendly fiber, which combines the comfort of cotton, the drape of adhesive, the strength of polyester, the feel of silk, and It has a soft and lustrous color after many washings.
The knitting process still combines the characteristics of the fiber with the softness, fluffiness and high elasticity of the knitting itself, so that the superior performance of the two complement each other.
On the circular knitting machine (large round machine), single and double-sided knitted fabrics interwoven with Mozart and spandex bare silk are soft, smooth, elastic, drape, lustrous, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and have a silky feel. The fashion dress designed with this kind of fabric can maximize the human body curve, sculpture the sexy and attractive of the female body, and is a high-grade knitwear favored by the avant-garde fashion family.
A large collection of all kinds of fabric pants, with these pants, how to wear them all look good!
This year, it’s popular to wear big and not wear small. Previously we liked to wear a pair of tight pants in the coat, but now wearing loose pants has become a popular, because it will be more atmospheric and advanced. The fabric looks particularly draped in the past, and then a white wide-leg trousers is particularly textured, and very advanced, very gas-filled.
The wide-leg pants of denim fabric will look younger and more casual. With a sweater with a set of heads, I did not say that we deliberately highlight our waistline. Looking at the past is very neat and clean. It is mainly such a match, it will not lower our height, it is really good.
This material is really suitable for autumn. Because of the special warmth, but the fabric is especially good, even the dark ones are especially shiny. I think it is especially suitable to wear it in winter. If you think such a pair of pants is too gorgeous, we can Put on a cartoon sweater, this way, there is a sense of high-level in the vitality, but also very eye-catching.

Knit cardigans and semi-high collars can be very gentle. Inside a v-neck is very layered and not very monotonous, and the light color also has the effect of brightening the whole, casually wearing a hat is a special retro.

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