• 2019/09/17  | NEWS

    Advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabrics

    spandex cotton Fabric manufacturers told Thermal conductivity is good and does not generate static electricity. 70% cotton and 30% rayon blended.more>>

  • 2019/09/10  | NEWS

    What kind of fabric is the suit tr fabric?

    This is also why it is expensive. suit tr fabric manufacturer told Choose a suit in autumn and winter, try to choose the wool materialmore>>

  • 2019/09/07  | NEWS

    hanlin suit tr fabric manufacturer

    The concept of talents in the enterprise: with the people of virtue, the grateful heart can change position and think; seek common development with people of insight, be consistent with the company's values and have a charisma; create brilliance with those who have the heart; Responsible for innovation.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.more>>

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    What are the common suit tr fabric?

    Welcome friends from all walks of life to join us and create a brilliant tomorrow together with friends from all over the world and Wuzhou merchants.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.more>>

  • 2019/08/28  | NEWS

    Customized fabrics for small suit tr fabric

    We provide our customers with not only advanced technology and quality products, but also a focus on credibility and service-oriented spirit.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.more>>

  • 2019/08/24  | NEWS

    suit tr fabric manufacturer

    suit tr fabric manufacturer told The pattern of herringbone pattern (also called fishbone pattern) is generally not obvious. If it is 2 meters away, it is generally not visible. Therefore, it is safe to wear, suitable for those who do not want to wear too much, but can not wear exaggerated people.more>>

  • 2019/08/21  | NEWS

    These 6 skills allow you to choose a pocketing fabric!

    you should see more cotton, polyester, silk, silk, etc. What are the differences between these fabrics? Which fabric is of good quality? So how do we choose the pocketing fabric?more>>

  • 2019/08/16  | NEWS

    pocketing fabric manufacturer

    the washing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric. Therefore, the cotton fabric is improved in washability and wear resistance..Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric,you can know it.more>>