• 2023/10/27  | NEWS

    TC Printed Fabric Malaysia

    TC Printed Fabric,printed fabrics online,printed fabric wholesale.TC printed fabric is versatile and widely used in the textile industry for a range of applications.more>>

  • 2023/10/25  | NEWS

    TC Flannel check Fabric South America

    TC Flannel check Fabric,TC Tweed check Fabric Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers.They are popular in various clothing and textile designs. more>>

  • 2023/10/21  | NEWS

    Rayon Nylon Spandex Fabric Indonesia

    Rayon Nylon Spandex Fabric made from a blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex offers a combination of unique properties and characteristics, making it suitable for various applications in the fashion and textile industry. more>>

  • 2023/10/17  | NEWS

    Rayon viscose jacquard fabric manufacturer

    Rayon viscose jacquard is a textile marvel that combines the comfort of rayon with the intricate patterns of jacquard weave. more>>

  • 2023/10/13  | NEWS

    Rayon viscose poplin fabric manufacturer

    Rayon viscose poplin fabric has several key characteristics that make it popular in the fashion industry.A Versatile Choice for Clothingmore>>

  • 2023/10/11  | NEWS

    Rayon viscose slub fabric supplier

    In summary, rayon viscose slub fabric is a textile marvel that combines softness, breathability and a unique slub texture. Whether used in apparel, accessories or home textiles, it provides an attractive, comfortable and versatile option for a variety of textile and fashion applications.more>>

  • 2023/09/27  | NEWS

    Yarn Dyed Flannel Fabric Malaysia

    yarn dyed flannel fabric,wholesale flannel fabric,heavy weight flannel fabric,stripe flannel fabric.brushed flannel fabric,double sided flannel fabric.Yarn-dyed flannel fabric is a type of textile that is known for its warmth, softness, and distinctive patternmore>>

  • 2023/09/23  | NEWS

    Flannel Check Fabric

    Cotton Flannel check,Cotton tweed check Manufacturers,Flannel check fabric,tweed check fabric Suppliers.Flannel check fabric is a type of textile characterized by its soft and fuzzy surface texture, often featuring a pattern of checks or plaid. more>>