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Uniforms can create brand image and also strengthen the cohesiveness between departments, so that the company can better divide the duties of the department. The uniform can give people a refreshing feeling, which makes people feel happy and is a symbol of the company's strength, which is beneficial to customers.we are provide uniform fabric crossword,we can guarantee the quality of uniform fabric crossword.
 Living in the company can improve sales performance. Uniforms can also reflect the authority of enterprises, institutions and organizations. The most representative of this is the uniforms of national government agencies, such as industrial and commercial taxation, political and legal departments, uniforms of military and police personnel, etc.
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The development of social economy has intensified market competition, and the corporate image system CI has received more and more attention. As an important identification factor in corporate image, uniform can convey all kinds of information of corporate enterprises: economic strength, business status, mental outlook, management level, etc., which directly affect the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
Military uniforms-----The largest professional wear affects the image of the country and the military. Occupation in the country, in the community, in the individual is a social symbol and image symbol.
The pros and cons of design are the key to the professional position and style. The design of professional wear is a systematic project, integrating art, practicality and science. It involves all aspects of factors and constraints, paying attention to, paying attention to, researching and discussing the design of professional wear. It has become a hot topic in various industries such as business, business, and design.
Mixed textile
1. Polyester tweed. Among them, polyester is 55%, wool is 45%, the texture is thicker, the hand feels full, the strength is high, the fastness is good, the crispness and the wrinkle resistance are good. It is advisable to make autumn and winter clothing.
2, cool. Among them, polyester 55%, wool 45%, thin material, but strong and durable, with cool, slippery, quite, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, easy to wash and dry. Should be spring and summer clothing, not suitable for winter clothing.
3, polyester hair sticky flowers. 40% polyester, 30% wool, 30% viscose, fine surface, strong hair feel, clear stripes, crisp, good fastness, low price and economical.
Full wool
1. What about Huada? The yarn is fine, the surface is smooth and smooth, the hand feels smooth, rich and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is advisable to sew suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops. The disadvantage is that the knees and the back hips are often easily rubbed.
2, hehe. The pattern is wider, the surface is flatter than Huada, soft to the touch, and flexible. It is not as thick and firm as Huada, and its use is similar to that of Huada.
3, tweed. According to the weight, it can be divided into thin tweed (less than 300g/m) and medium tweed (300~400g/m). The surface is smooth and flat, the color is well-proportioned, the elasticity is good, the pattern is clear, and the variety is varied. It is advisable to do all kinds of jackets and suits for men and women.
4, smell it. The luster is naturally soft, the surface is flat, the surface is short and fine, and the hair is soft. It is advisable to make spring and autumn dual-use shirts and suits.

5, Fan Liding. The yarn is fine and the raw materials are good, but the density is thin, and the surface is smooth and light. Feel smooth, elastic, bright and washable. It should be used as summer clothing and winter cotton.

uniform fabric crossword


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Dyed Spandex Cotton Fabric

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