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Pepsi Dyed (PigmentDyed)
Bi-dye dyeing is a new environmentally friendly process. It is suitable for the dyeing of cotton fabrics. It evenly attaches the vegetable dye to the surface of the fabric, so it is also called single-sided coating dyeing or scratching.we are trousers fabric suppliers,you can know it.
The simple way to distinguish is to see if the colors on the front and back sides are different. The blue-stained fabric is the natural color of the grey fabric, and the outer is the dyed color.
Bi-pattern dyeing is environmentally friendly and has no damage to the skin. It is the most popular natural health dyeing process in Europe. The Bi-style wash fabric is natural in color, and after washing, it presents a nostalgic and elegant style.
The more the color washes, the more natural it will be, and with each person's different wearing habits, it will have different degrees of whitening effect in various parts, and it will become a unique private exclusive trousers.
The effect of the seam line is particularly obvious and belongs to its process characteristics.
Due to the process characteristics of Bi-patterning, the vegetable dye naturally adheres to the surface of the fabric, so the color fastness is slightly weaker than other dyeing processes. Before the first three wearing, it needs to be soaked in concentrated brine for 12 hours to fix the color, and then the degree of color reduction will be reduced. However, the color drop is still relatively obvious compared to other dyed pants.
Please pay attention to hanging as much as possible during the display, not to put it. When stacking, pay attention to the position where the folding is often changed, or fold from the other side to avoid partial discoloration and fading. It is not possible to illuminate the spotlight for a long time and often change the display sample.
Enzyme Wash
Also called enzyme washing, the enzyme is a cellulase, which is found in natural organisms and is a natural and healthy beneficial enzyme. It can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH and temperature, so that the cloth surface can be gently faded and a long-lasting softening effect is obtained.
By means of the rubbing and rubbing of the washing machine, the dye is detached, the fluff is removed, and the whitening effect is washed. Biological enzymatic washing avoids damage to clothing, fabrics and environmental pollution caused by washing.
It has a unique appearance and a soft hand feeling, and has a nostalgic feeling and a strong three-dimensional effect, which increases the softness of the garment and the wrinkle of the thread step (the trace of the sewing thread). The color is good in style, natural and chic, comfortable and casual, and it is also a very environmentally friendly way of washing.
Stonewashing (StoneWash)
Stone grinding is to add a certain amount of pumice in the washing water to make the pumice stone and clothes to achieve different washing effect. After washing, the cloth surface is gray and old, and the clothes are slightly to severely damaged. The stone-washed fabric has an old appearance and a softer feel. Because of its high stone washing strength, it is usually used for thick fabrics such as denim, coarse canvas and large beads.
Garment Wash (GarmentWash)
Also called general washing, in short, is to change the washing that we are familiar with on weekdays to mechanization, fix the water temperature at a certain temperature, and then add a certain amount of detergent. After 15 minutes of ordinary washing, the water is softened and softened. The agent can make the fabric softer, more comfortable and more visually natural and clean. The appearance is more rustic and natural. Due to the special nature of ready-to-wear washing, each piece of clothing becomes a unique piece of art.
Garment dyeing (GarmentDyed)
After the fabric is made into a garment, the garment is treated with a special treatment for overall dyeing, and the garment looks old and fashionable. The appearance of the product has a special dyeing effect, and the color of the joints of the garments is different in color, reflecting the rustic style of rough and nostalgic.

Garment dyeing is different from other dyeing methods. Since some floating color is attached to the surface of the garment, it is necessary to fix the color according to the washing instructions of the laundry before the first wearing, and to wash it separately or in the same color in the subsequent washing. Wash your clothes together.

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