What fabric pants will not shine after sitting for a long time?


In my opinion, the cotton linen trousers will shine brightly after sitting for a long time. The cotton and linen are made of a mixture of a part of linen and a part of cotton, and the cotton and linen materials have many advantages. It is because of these advantages that cotton and linen The trousers of the material will not shine brightly, and the products of cotton and linen material are particularly breathable.we are trousers fabric suppliers,you can know it. 

Its heat dissipation is several times that of wool, the texture is very soft, and the water absorption capacity is particularly strong, so it becomes a hot selection in summer. Clothes!

These advantages of cotton and linen can prevent the bright light after sedentary! It is not as hard as jeans, why jeans will shine brightly when sitting for a long time, the reason is that the texture is too hard, not soft, the water absorption capacity is not strong, the breathability is still poor, the body is sweating after sedentary, the pants are not absorbent and then not breathable, ass Part will become harder, and will love more sticky, it will become unbearable. If you sit for a long time, you will become dirty, so you will love to shine.
In comparison, cotton linen does not have this problem, because it does not appear wet, it will not stick to too much dirt, and will not have complete contact with the stool because it Closer to the body!
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