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hanlin pocketing fabric


After the fiber is used for linen, the pocket cloth is bundled into small pieces to hold the ramie degumming. Warm water ramie water temperature should be controlled between 28 ~ 32 ° C, after 100 hours of dominance, remove the hemp rod into an umbrella shape, drying in the open field
. Rain and ramie is a flattened stalk of the harvested grass on the grass or flax, and it is sprayed with mold by rain and dew.
Flax is the primary material of the hemp textile industry. Its fiber is tough, soft and has a good glory. Flax fiber is strong, it is not easy to fester in water, and it has waterproof infection. Others are conflict-resistant, high temperature resistant, fast heat dissipation, low dust absorption rate, not easy to tear, not easy to incinerate, no static electricity, acid and alkali resistant and high-grade strange. The strength is the textile raw material of choice for green environmental protection, and is known as the "Queen" in natural fiber.
The measurement should be carried out on the platform. Pay attention to the flat fabric and carry out the test of the weft inclination without accidental tension to avoid the system error caused by the suspension measurement on the inspection vehicle.
For the new inspection vehicle, the length gauge equipment is usually rolled on the cloth surface and dragged and rolled. At the contact point, the fabric is blocked and turbulently forms a zonal arch.
Although, in some traditional cloth inspection machines, the spindle rolling gauge length is slightly better, the cloth sag will constitute a natural weft bow, and the degree of bowing varies depending on the cloth type and the running speed of the cloth. The test is evenly tested and the test is performed on the inspection machine. The difference between the two is between 0.8% and 1.5%.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric,you can know it.

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Yarn dyed fabric

Weight: 150gsm Width:57/58"

Usage:Sleepwear, Dress, Shirts&Blouses

Yarn dyed fabric

Weight: from 70gsm to 200gsm mix Width:57/58''

Usage:Sleepwear, Dress, Shirts&Blouses

TC Herringbone Pocketing Fabric

Weight: 85Gsm Width:150cm

Usage:pocketing and lining

TC Dyed Pocket Lining Fabric

Weight: 90 Gsm Width:150cm , PTINTED .

Usage:pocketing and lining


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2023.03.29 Rayon Fabric Manufacturers from China

Rayon is sourced from the fibrous yarns of spun, processed wood pulp filaments. Rayon fabric is known for its fluffy texture, which is the result of the fibers being hairy and spongy. This is also the reason that Rayon allows air to pass through it, and for the fabric to have the ability to wick moisture. Additionally, the high absorbency rate of Rayon allows the fabric to absorb dyes and display colors brightly. Rayon is a versatile fabric, with many applications.Details

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