What kind of fabric is the suit tr fabric?


What kind of fabric is the suit tr fabric?
Suit materials include but are not limited to: cotton, cotton and chemical fiber blend, viscose, wool, polyester fiber, chemical fiber blend.
Cotton suit, natural fiber, strong water absorption, but easy to wrinkle. Among them, there are also woven cotton suits and knitted cotton suits. At present, fashionable woven cotton plain and twill suits are more common.
Cotton chemical fiber blended suit, a solution adopted to improve the wrinkle performance of cotton. More than a cotton suit.
Viscose suits, usually used in summer suits, are a cool choice among materials.
Wool suit, the most classic and most expensive faction. Wool suits can be thick and thin, it can be said that all the suit materials are the most difficult to wrinkle, the most wide choice. This is also why it is expensive. suit tr fabric manufacturer told Choose a suit in autumn and winter, try to choose the wool material, which is warmer and more spacious than cotton and glue. The shortcoming is expensive, not easy to take care of, but also insects.
Polyester fiber suit, in order to reduce the price of suit materials, the chemical fiber is made close to the wool material performance. The specially treated polyester fiber fabric has been closer to the wide performance of wool on the thin section. The advantage is durability and tamper resistance.
Chemical fiber blended suits are also a type of wool-like fibers. In order to lower the price and find similar fabrics, the technicians and industrial personnel of textile fabrics are also very hard.
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Dyed Spandex Cotton Fabric (thin)

Weight: 100gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, 220gsm Width:57/58"


TR Stripe Stretch Fabric

Weight: 162GSM Width:57/58"


TR Africa Check Fabric

Weight: 365GM Width:58/60"


TR Dyed Shirting Fabric

Weight: 120-180gsm Width:150cm

Usage:shirt thobe suit trouser etc


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