What is the pocketing fabric tail skew and its test method


What is the pocketing fabric tail skew and its test method
1.What is the pocket weft:
The pocket cloth pocket weft is usually referred to as the weft (coil) direction of the machine (needle) fabric, and the yarn causes one or several bending phenomena in the full width range from the side perpendicular to the selvedge.
The pocket weft also includes the case where one or more bows are formed on the full width of the pattern, such as the pattern, the strip, etc. in the processing steps such as printing, jacquard, embroidering, and gold-plating, and the latter are sometimes referred to as flower skews, and their The test method is similar.
2,the type of pocket cloth weft oblique: divided into bow, double bow, double hook bow, anti-double bow, hook bow and so on
Pocket cloth weft slope = pocket cloth weft amount / width * 100%
3,pocket cloth weft test method to determine:
At the time of inspection, check each fabric for defects. When calculating the slanting of the pocket cloth, it is generally necessary to measure each time in the head, middle and tail of the cloth to reflect the change of the latitude of the pocket cloth in the longitudinal direction. For each type of fabric, each factory forms its own method of operation according to its actual inspection conditions, and there is no clear plan. This should be improved as follows:
Pocket cloth weft inspection method 
(1)The measurement should be carried out on the platform. Pay attention to the flat fabric and test the slanting of the pocket cloth without accidental tension to prevent the system error caused by hanging the measurement on the inspection vehicle. For the new inspection vehicle, the gauge device is usually pressed and rotated on the cloth surface, and the fabric is blocked at the contact point to form a zonal arch. Although, in some traditional cloth inspection machines, the length of the spindle rotation will be slightly better, but the weight of the cloth will form a natural weft bow, and the degree of bowing will vary depending on the type of cloth and the running speed of the cloth. Tested by the flat test method and the hanging test on the cloth inspection machine, the difference between the two is between 0.8% and 1.5%.
The method of measuring the weft of the pocket cloth
(2)should use the latitudinal latitude and the obvious yarn path as the inspection mark as much as possible. Although tearing or drawing is a common method, one can only perform the middle latitude bow which lacks the cloth at both ends and lacks representativeness. Secondly, the limited variety can not be promoted, for example, the drawing method can only be used for the loose structure. However, the tearing method can only be applied to the cloth with low tear strength, and this method will affect the original distribution pattern of the weft yarn in the tearing triangle. Some garment factories take alignment on the cutting table (see the side of the table perpendicular to the edge of the cloth) to observe the skew of the actual weft (yarn circle). This method is also more suitable.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.
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