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Customized fabrics for small suit tr fabric


Customized fabrics for small suit tr fabric
The quality of the fabric of the suit has been used as the most important criterion for judging the quality of the suit from the beginning. At the same time, the fabric of the suit determines the comfort of the suit.
suit tr fabric manufacturer told This is echoing the way the suits step into the daily dress of most people. Therefore, as a tool for covering the body, the suit should reflect its comfort and use value in different materials.
The suit fabrics are as follows:
1. Pure wool fine (coarse) spun fabric
100% pure wool, mostly thinner in texture, smooth in surface and clear in grain. Breathable, natural and soft. The body is crisp, soft and flexible.
The drape is perfect, the fold is compressed and then loosened, and there is basically no wrinkle, which can disappear in a short time even with slight creases, and is very durable.
Very comfortable, it is the finest fabric in suit fabrics, usually used for spring and summer suit tr fabric. The disadvantage is that it is easy to pilling, not resistant to wear, and it will be mildew if it is not applied for a long time or if it is cleaned.
2, wool imitation
Wool worsted fabric is a fine fabric. Due to the strict requirements in the textile process, the yarn is very fine.
It feels smooth and durable. Before weaving, it is necessary to remove the short and loose fibers of the wool, leaving only the longer fibers to be woven, so that the spun fabric is a worsted fabric. The comfort level is also very good.
3, cashmere
That is, cashmere, which can be said to be a higher-grade material in the wool family. Cashmere is divided into three types: white velvet, blue velvet and purple velvet. The value of white velvet is the highest.
Cashmere is divided into 100% pure cashmere and silk with different proportions. The silk-blend blended cashmere has the luster that silk should have. This slightly luxurious luster is very eye-catching and suitable for banquets and awards.
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We provide our customers with not only advanced technology and quality products, but also a focus on credibility and service-oriented spirit.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.
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Pursuing excellence is our unremitting goal
Our responsibility to our customers is to provide superior products and services. Maintaining and improving our company's product and service leadership is our primary responsibility.

"Customer first, reputation-based", our company is willing to develop with new and old customers at home and abroad with excellent products and thoughtful service!

suit tr fabric manufacturer


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