TC Workwear&Uniform Fabric

Weight: 200GSM Width:57/58’’


TC yarn dyed

Weight: 100Gsm Width:150cm


TC Dyed Pocket Lining Fabric

Weight: 90 Gsm Width:150cm , PTINTED .

Usage:pocketing and lining

TC Herringbone Pocketing Fabric

Weight: 85Gsm Width:150cm

Usage:pocketing and lining

TR Shirting Fabric

Weight: 120-180gsm Width:150cm

Usage:shirt thobe suit trouser etc

TR Uniform Fabric

Weight: 365GM Width:58/60"


TR Stretch Check Fabric

Weight: 195GSM Width:57/58"

Usage:Usage: trousers,dress,suits

TR Spandex Check Fabric

Weight: 162GSM Width:57/58"


TR Spandex Suit Fabric

Weight: 280GM Width:58/60"


TR Check Suiting Fabric

Weight: 300GM Width:58/60"

Usage:trousers, suiting, workwear, uniform

TR Suiting Fabric

Weight: 220GM Width:58/60"

Usage:shirts, thobe, man dress, uniform

TC Printed Fabric

Weight: 100 Gsm Width:150cm , PTINTED

Usage:pocketing and lining

Printed Rayon Fabric

Weight: 100gsm, 110gsm, 115gsm, Width:57''

Usage:Women's dress

Chiffon Fabric

Weight: 60-80 gsm Width:150 cm

Usage:Chiffon fabric

Denim Fabric

Weight: 8-14 oz Width:130-150 cm

Usage:Garment , jeans,shirt, shoes,bags

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