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what fabrics are the clothes


The use of textile fabrics is inseparable from the production of clothes. The quality of clothes is directly linked to the quality of textile fabrics. Clothes made of good fabrics are often more comfortable and durable. Moreover, clothes with different textile fabrics have different textures and textures, so choose a good one. Textile fabrics are at the heart of clothing making. So besides the textile fabrics we see every day, what else do we not know?

1.cotton fabric
Cotton is the most common fabric in the textile field. Of course, there are many types of cotton. Cotton treated by different processes also has different characteristics, such as combed cotton, washed cotton, etc., but cotton has good moisture absorption. And breathability, soft touch and excellent thermal effect make the fabric more comfortable to wear. Whether it is fashion or casual wear, underwear, etc., the overall feature is comfort, soft and close-fitting.

2.Silk fabric
Another very common fabric is silk fabrics. The silk woven from silk is also called real silk. Of course, some of them are imitation silk made of chemical fibers. There are also many varieties of them, which can be made The clothing is mainly focused on women's clothing. The overall feature is that it is light, soft, and breathable. Mulberry silk is a relatively precious material, so this kind of silk is generally only used in the production of high-end clothing such as evening dresses.

3.woolen fabric
Woolen wool is also a relatively common one. It has another name called wool, which is a general term for fabrics made of various wools and cashmere. It is generally suitable for making formal and high-end clothing such as dresses, suits, and overcoats. Its advantages are wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, soft, elegant and crisp, endowed with elasticity and strong warmth retention. Its disadvantage is mainly that it is difficult to wash, and it is not suitable for making summer clothes.

4.Linen fabric
The fabric made of hemp fiber is called hemp fabric. The common ones are flax, ramie and ramie. The main characteristics of hemp fiber are moisture absorption, breathability and wear resistance, and the performance of corrosion resistance is also very good. At the same time Linen fabrics can absorb harmful substances in the air and volatilize them. The disadvantage is that the hand feels rough, and the overall wearing experience is not as good as that of cotton fabrics.

5. Chemical fiber fabric
Chemical fiber fabrics have good wear resistance, because the cost is low and can be mass-produced. Common chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, nylon, etc., which occupy a large share in the market by virtue of their price advantage and practicality. Production of short-sleeved and trousers and other fabrics.

Knowing this, we can choose the fabric we need according to the characteristics, or please feel free to leave a message with us, we will provide you with one-stop service for advice and purchase!


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