hanlin tr suiting fabric


hanlin tr suiting fabric
1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a factory and we have professional team of workers , Designers and
2.Q: How many workers in factory?
A: we have two factories, one neoprene products factory and one diving gear
factory, which are more than 20 workers totally.
3.Q: What is your main products?
A: we do knitted fabric such as FDY,DTY,JACQURAD,NR ROMA,TR ROMA,RICE
4.Q: How to get a sample?
A: some models would be free if we have stocks Charged, depend on which style,
color and logo printing you required.
5.Q:What is your Minimum quantity ?
A:For normal products, 400KG/color for one style. If you can not reach our
minimum quantity, please contact with our sales to send some models which we
have stocks and offer you prices to order directly.
How do you see the material of the suit fabric?
Intuitive identification method for different fabrics:
Full-wool fabric, soft and elastic to the touch, clear lines and smooth surface.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.
70 wool fabric, not easy to produce creases, there are some shiny points on the body after wearing, in the suit is a mid-range suit fabric.
Full-wool woollen fabric, which is also 100% wool, the difference is that the texture of this fabric is relatively thick.
Chemical fiber imitation wool fabric, no luster, feels touchless and inelastic, is rare in suits, is a low-end product.
Blended fabric, this suit is not suitable for wrinkling after the production, and feels very good, due to fabric problems, this suit is thinner, more suitable for wearing in spring and summer.
There is also a kind of mixed imitation fabric which is wool and cotton. The inside part is wool. It is similar to the fabric of 30 hair. The texture is not as good as pure wool, and the gloss is far less than that of wool fabric. The hand feels lack of texture and is loose, but it It is easy to maintain, and the price is much cheaper. It belongs to the middle and low-end suit style fabric.
company culture:
Entrepreneurial spirit: the courage to learn and innovate, the courage to sacrifice, the courage to take responsibility
Core Values: Establishing a company for the public
Management philosophy: command zero mistakes, zero defects in quality, zero safety accidents.
Humanistic concept: entering the company door is a family

Corporate style: Heavenly rewards, excellence, and seeking truth from facts,we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.

 suit tr fabric manufacturer  tr suiting fabric



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TR check fabric ready goods for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:57/58"


TR fabric for shirt

Weight: 170-240g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:shirts, thobe, man dress, uniform,robes

TR check fabric for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:trousers, uniform, suit, business suit

Dyed Polyester Voile

Weight: 55gsm Width:43"/44"or 57/58"

Usage:used for muslin scarf , fabric for garment , fabric for embroider


2021.04.21Customized fabrics for small suit tr fabric

We provide our customers with not only advanced technology and quality products, but also a focus on credibility and service-oriented spirit.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.Details

2021.04.21suit tr fabric manufacturer

suit tr fabric manufacturer told The pattern of herringbone pattern (also called fishbone pattern) is generally not obvious. If it is 2 meters away, it is generally not visible. Therefore, it is safe to wear, suitable for those who do not want to wear too much, but can not wear exaggerated people.Details

2021.04.21What are the common suit tr fabric?

Welcome friends from all walks of life to join us and create a brilliant tomorrow together with friends from all over the world and Wuzhou merchants.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.Details

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