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From the trend of market varieties, the sales volume of cotton grey fabrics (poplins) increased. Secondly, the current sales volume on the market is still full of cotton yarn cards. The products are suitable for making yarn-dyed fabrics such as spring jackets and children's trousers. The sales of cotton denim are sluggish, mainly due to the reduced demand for local children's wear.
The cotton canvas market has recently shown a trend of “strengthening strength” and the price trend is flat. The market for cotton corduroy and cotton velvet has completely retired. Although the market price has been stable recently, the actual transaction price has been lowered.
In addition, sales of white fabrics in corduroy and velvet fabrics continued to decline. The trade in polyester-cotton yarn-dyed fabrics was “selling market trend.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd.are yarn dyed shirts wholesale.
The color fastness is better because it is dyed first, the color will penetrate into the yarn, and the printed cloth will be peeled off and the yarn will be found. Small amount of order, no matter what yarn weaving, density, texture, color, tens of meters, hundreds of meters can also be done, but it is difficult to customize the dyed printed cloth without the grey cloth, and the dyeing printing process will also limit the small batch production to reduce the dyeing and reduce the cost. .
1. Full-color weaving: There are dyed or partially dyed yarns in warp and weft (or a few colored yarns interwoven with white yarn).
2, half-dyed: warp or weft yarn is dyed or partially dyed yarn can not be used for weaving woven fabric, because the tension and shrinkage of the yarn is different from the dyed yarn, so it can not be used for When used in the latitudinal direction, the cloth surface is also deformed due to the shrinkage problem. Therefore, generally colorless yarns are subjected to semi-bleaching or full bleaching.
Yarn-dyed fabrics are often used as shirt fabrics, light-weight yarn-dyed fabrics, comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for single wear, with high-grade cotton fabrics that are indispensable for modern life.
Sun Huaibin, spokesperson of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and director of the China Textile Economic Research Center, said that the Chinese textile professional situation was stable in 2012. Large companies, self-owned brand companies, and domestic sales companies have more than enough orders and funds, and the operating rate has reached more than half of the 90% of employees.
The difficulties of some small and medium-sized companies are particularly significant, especially for export-oriented small and micro companies, which have reduced orders, lack of employees, serious funds, and difficult transition.
The company regards product quality as the life of the company, with continuous innovation and development as the driving force. Waiting for the customer's service concept and enterprise spirit is the eternal pursuit of our company.

We will meet the needs of new and old customers with better products and better service to create a harmonious and beautiful life for Chinese consumers.

Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd.are yarn dyed shirts wholesale


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TC Herringbone Pocketing Fabric

Weight: 85Gsm Width:150cm

Usage:pocketing and lining

TC yarn dyed

Weight: 100Gsm Width:150cm


Woven Polyester Viscose Fabric & Sp Fabrications

Weight: 220GM Width:58/60"

Usage:shirts, thobe, man dress, uniform

polyester viscose fabric 2-way stretch

Weight: 162GSM Width:57/58"



2019.07.18How to judge whether the fabric is a yarn-dyed pocketing fabric?

then it depends on the quality and color fastness of the fabric. Generally, the quality of the plain fabric is better than that of the dyed fabric, and the fabric is fresh and clear. The fastness is also higher than the dyed fabric.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.Details

2019.07.16Common problems and causes in pocketing fabric printing process

the edge of the blade is too sharp, so that the pattern is insufficient.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.Details

2019.07.11Chinese distribution of pocketing fabric manufacturers

but the high density is no problem.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.​Details

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