What is the fabric of the clothes spandex cotton?


What is the fabric of the clothes spandex cotton?
What fabric is the clothing spandex cotton? Spandex cotton, market noun. Correct should: cotton / ammonia intertwined. General clothing labels are marked on the label. Indicate the content of spandex. Spandex: Highly elastic fiber, which is unmatched by rubber bands. Cotton: plant fiber. The two cannot be blended and can only be interwoven.
What is the fabric of the clothes spandex cotton?
Usually spandex can only be added to:
In knitted fabrics: 1, jersey, 2, terry cloth, 3, rib.
spandex cotton Fabric manufacturers told Nowadays, spandex is also added to the woven fabric, which is called: four-sided bomb.
The above spandex content is about 3-8%.
Only swimwear fabrics, spandex content is about 18%.
Another: Knitting is usually made of 20D spandex, which is much thinner than hair. Spandex is white and almost invisible.

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