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Viscose Fabric Supplier China


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The production process involves several steps:

1. Extraction of Cellulose: The first step is the extraction of cellulose from the chosen source material, typically wood pulp. This cellulose is chemically treated to create a viscous liquid.
2. Spinning: The viscous liquid is then forced through small openings, creating long, continuous fibers. This process is known as spinning.
3. Coagulation: The spun fibers are then immersed in a coagulating bath, which solidifies the fibers into filaments.
4. Drawing and Cutting: After coagulation, the filaments are stretched or drawn to improve their strength and uniformity. They are then cut into desired lengths.
5. Finishing: The cut fibers may undergo various finishing processes to enhance their properties, such as dyeing, printing, or adding special finishes for texture or appearance.

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