The difference between the custom fabric of the suit


The difference between the custom fabric of the suit
First, look at the brand. The popularity of many custom-made fabric brands is very high both at home and abroad. If you choose a custom-made fabric for your suit, you can choose the international fabric brand, you can directly check its brand history and culture on the Internet.
suit tr fabric manufacturer told Internationally renowned custom suit fabrics include Shijiabao, Zegna, Dome, Helan Shari, Stylbiella Biella and so on. Dear, when choosing a custom-made fabric for a suit, you must be sure to wear a suit fabric brand.
Second, it is the texture of the fabric and the yarn count. The custom fabric of the general suit is full wool, mohair, linen, etc. The better the texture, the softer the feel of the fabric; the higher the yarn, the finer the fabric.
Finally, the custom-made fabrics of the suits must have a certain drape. For the tailor-made suits, they can be worn out more sturdy. The drape of the fabric is very important. The more expensive the fabric, the thinner it is, the more it fits. The more textured it is.
Fabric is the key to the shine of the suit
It’s a good time to get married once a year. The bride is swaying and the groom is like a background board. This is not the case. The overall coordination is more important than the individual's perfection. It is impossible for the person who is watching the ceremony to compare the groom. The best C position at the wedding is definitely to be seized.
Fabric is the key to the shining of the suit
At the wedding, the groom is definitely a high-profile presence. A good-quality fitted suit can perfectly show the groom's perfect posture. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the fabric.
Pure wool is undoubtedly the best choice. STB selects the beautiful slave wool, which is made of natural stretch fabric. It is suitable for weddings and daily use. It is comfortable to touch and move freely. It is wrinkled by work, travel, and walking. Hanging can be restored, and the wardrobe has never been easier.
If pure wool fabric is one of the tops in the fabric, the blended fabric is the central air conditioner in the fabric industry. The weight of 260g or so, plus a half lining or no lining design, more comfortable and breathable, in the high temperature days of the autumn tiger can also cool off.

If you are married in the cold winter, you can choose a warm flannel suit, not only to meet the needs of the workplace, but also to match the needs of many occasions, warm and high-profile.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer,We can guarantee quality.

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TR check fabric ready goods for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:57/58"


TR fabric for shirt

Weight: 170-240g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:shirts, thobe, man dress, uniform,robes

TR check fabric for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:trousers, uniform, suit, business suit

Dyed Polyester Voile

Weight: 55gsm Width:43"/44"or 57/58"

Usage:used for muslin scarf , fabric for garment , fabric for embroider


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suit tr fabric manufacturer told The pattern of herringbone pattern (also called fishbone pattern) is generally not obvious. If it is 2 meters away, it is generally not visible. Therefore, it is safe to wear, suitable for those who do not want to wear too much, but can not wear exaggerated people.Details

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