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First, fabric selection
(1)High-density and high-density fabrics; high-count, finger-spinning counts; in general, over 40s of ground yarn is a high-count yarn; density is more than 95/inch, which means high density. The new standard for bedding does not assess the density, only the quality (weight) deviation rate per unit area.
(2)Marking on the fabric: 110〃 60×40 / 173×120, indicating: a 110〃 means the width of the fabric, 110 inches (110×2.54=6984.999999999999px), b 60×40 means the yarn for the fabric, 60s yarn through the ground, 40s yarn in the weft. c 173×120 means fabric density, the first set of numbers refers to a density of 173/inch, and the second set of digital wefts is 120/inch.
Second, the fabric is classified into plain, twill, and satin according to the organization.
The so-called plain, twill and satin (satin) refers to the structure of the fabric.
Plain weave means that the warp and weft yarns are interwoven once every other yarn.
Twill means that the warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least once.
Satin pattern means that the warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least once by three yarns.
In terms of structure alone, these three are not good or bad, just because the structure has its own characteristics.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd.are yarn dyed shirts wholesale.
To put it simply, the plain weave fabric has many intertwined points, the texture is firm and the surface is flat, and the appearance of the front and back sides is the same, lighter and thinner, and better in air permeability. The plain structure determines its density is low. Generally, the price of plain fabric is relatively low. But there are also a few plain fabrics that are more expensive, such as some high-end embroidered fabrics.
Third, the fabric according to the process points: plain color, printing, jacquard (large jacquard, small jacquard, plain jacquard, yarn-dyed jacquard, multi-color latitude jacquard)
(1) Plain color: first woven and then dyed as plain color, first dyed and weaved called yarn weaving.
(2) Printing: first dyeing and then printing is called plain printing, and the printing color is called scraping printing.
(3) Jacquard: a. The jacquard weaving pattern is a large jacquard; b. The weaving pattern is a small jacquard with a dobby machine; c. The two-color weft jacquard is called a two-color jacquard; d. Jacquard is called multi-color jacquard; e. first weaving and dyeing jacquard is called plain jacquard; f. first dyed and weaved jacquard called dyed jacquard.

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Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd.are yarn dyed shirts wholesale


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2019.07.18How to judge whether the fabric is a yarn-dyed pocketing fabric?

then it depends on the quality and color fastness of the fabric. Generally, the quality of the plain fabric is better than that of the dyed fabric, and the fabric is fresh and clear. The fastness is also higher than the dyed fabric.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.Details

2019.07.16Common problems and causes in pocketing fabric printing process

the edge of the blade is too sharp, so that the pattern is insufficient.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.Details

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but the high density is no problem.Hebei Hanlin Textile Co., Ltd are provide pocketing fabric ,you can know it.​Details

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