Suit fabric tips


Suit fabric tips
Purified fabric
1.Pure polyester tweed. The surface is smooth and clean, the strip shape is clear, the hand feels quite, cool, easy to wash and dry, easy to fluff after wearing for a long time. Should be done for men and women spring and autumn.
2,polyester sticky tweed (fast bar). Polyester 50~65%, viscose silk 50~35%, strong hair style, full and thick handfeel, good elasticity and low price. Should be men and women spring and autumn clothing
3.Knitted pure polyester. The texture is soft, the elasticity is good, the appearance is full, crisp, easy to wash and dry. Should be men and women spring and autumn clothing.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.
4,woollen woolen nickname commonly known as "coarse material", due to the difference in raw material quality, so the gap between the quality of the fabric is also large.
5.What about the coat? There are varieties of flat, velvet, shun, and flower. Rich texture and strong warmth. The quality of the imported wool and the first and second grade domestic wool is better, the surface is smooth, the hand feels smooth and the elasticity is good. The hand made of domestically produced third and fourth grade wool is rough and hard, and there is grabbing the hair. It is advisable to make long and short coats for men and women.
6,Melden. Imported wool or domestic first-grade wool, woven with a small amount of worsted short hair. The face is plump, smooth and flat, the body is tight and firm, flexible, can not afford the ball, does not reveal the bottom. It is advisable to wear men's and women's clothing and women's coats.
7.What about the navy? Weaving with primary and secondary domestic wool and a small amount of worsted short hair. The surface is fine and soft, and the hand feels firm and elastic. Some products have fluffing. Use with Melden.
Extended data
In foreign countries is the orthodox costume of men. The style changes a lot, often wearing a flat collar, rounded hem single row of button, gun collar, flat hem double row.
The suit also has a distinction between the suit and the one-piece top. The suit is the top and the trousers are cut with the same color and can be used as a dress. If a vest is added, it becomes a three-piece suit. Wearing a formal suit requires a tie. One-piece tops can be worn with a variety of trousers, without the need for a tie, and can also be lined with a sweater or pullover.
The suit, originated in Europe in the 17th century, has a profound cultural connotation, the ancestor of the suit: 1690, Stucker.
In the second half of the seventeenth century, in the Louis XIV era, the long coat and knee coat "Sturk" and the slightly shorter "Best", as well as the tight-fitting half-length pants "Kureot" On the stage of history, it forms the composition of a modern three-piece suit and many wearing habits.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.

The front door sill of Sturker is generally not buckled. It is usually only a few pieces under the waistline. This is the modern single-breasted suit. It is generally not rude, and the two buttons only buckle one. The origin of wearing habits.

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TR check fabric ready goods for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:57/58"


TR fabric for shirt

Weight: 170-240g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:shirts, thobe, man dress, uniform,robes

TR check fabric for suit

Weight: 230-450g/m Width:58/60"

Usage:trousers, uniform, suit, business suit

Dyed Polyester Voile

Weight: 55gsm Width:43"/44"or 57/58"

Usage:used for muslin scarf , fabric for garment , fabric for embroider


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suit tr fabric manufacturer told The pattern of herringbone pattern (also called fishbone pattern) is generally not obvious. If it is 2 meters away, it is generally not visible. Therefore, it is safe to wear, suitable for those who do not want to wear too much, but can not wear exaggerated people.Details

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