Dress fabric basics


Dress fabric basics
Suit fabrics are divided into natural fabrics and non-natural fabrics according to textile materials, namely pure wool fabrics and blended fabrics. The first thing to say is that the "pure" in wool textiles is generally "pure" when it exceeds 95%.
The “pure wool” fabric of the suit fabric refers to pure wool and pure cashmere fabric. The characteristics of pure wool fabrics are: the pure wool fabrics are mostly thin in texture, the natural luster is soft, the sturdy feel is soft and the hand feels soft; the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to abrasion, insects and mold.
In addition to wool, there is also cashmere, which is called "soft gold" and is very warm to wear. Cashmere is about eight times warmer than wool and weighs very light, about one-fifth of wool.
The amount of wool determines the basic grade of the fabric. The common wool content is about 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% and above. As for the fabric count, weight, texture, weaving texture, manufacturers and brands, it should be measured after this basic consideration.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.
For most people, the choice of hair content is 80%, 90% is enough. Good wool fabrics vary according to the breed of sheep, and the prices are different. In the following order, the price will become more and more expensive.
Ordinary wool: the hair on the sheep, needless to say;
Cashmere: Sheep are not cashmere. This is to use a better and better sheep wool plus a concept name to promote marketing. The quality may be better than ordinary wool, and the price should not change much;
Merino Wool: English Merino Wool, merino wool refers to the hair produced by Merino fine-wool sheep. The fiber of Merino wool is finer than ordinary wool, the texture is delicate and soft, and it is warm, which is an entry-level product of high quality wool. Australia's merino wool production is relatively high, and it is imported into China in large quantities;
There are many kinds of suit fabrics, and the suit fabrics required for different seasons, different occasions and different dressing styles will be different.
First, the color of the fabric
There are also many colors of suit fabrics. In addition to a single solid color, other colors are also worth a try.
Black has a mystery, and at the same time it has a modern and modern style, which can reflect the temperament and powerful atmosphere. And black is a symbol of elegance and strength. It is very versatile, and it will be more layered with other colors, bringing a stylish effect. Especially in black and white, it is a very classic suit.
2. Gray
Compared with black, gray has a more stable and capable image. Gray is also a symbol of sagacity and stability. It is very suitable for professionals to wear a gray suit.
3. Navy
Navy is more formal, which can highlight the intellectuality and maturity of urbanites, and is more suitable for business occasions.
Second, the fabric pattern
The suit pattern usually has a check pattern and a print, and different patterns have their own characteristics.
The panes of the panes are usually large, giving a feeling of the atmosphere, very suitable for mature men.
2. Prince of Wales
This kind of plaid is developed by Corongue. It is characterized by denser, smaller lattice and more noble British temperament. However, this kind of checkered suit should pay attention to the clothes with simple design, otherwise the complicated combination will make people feel dazzled.
3. Printing
Printing is a kind of modern suit, with a sense of fashion, but it is also difficult to match, and the body requirements are relatively high, usually appear in the fashion show.
Third, fabric material
Fabric material is the most important factor in determining whether a suit has a sense of quality.
Silk is made from silk and is very soft and silky. It is often used to make summer clothing. Although silk fabrics are prone to wrinkles, clothes made of silk look elegant and very thin and breathable. Summer is a good suit for wearing silk texture
2. Polyester
Polyester is a common artificial suit fabric, which has very good wrinkle resistance, but it is not very breathable, and it is easy to get static electricity. It is recommended to wear in spring and autumn.
3. Hair

The wool is composed of various wool and cashmere fabrics, so the warmth is perfect. The woolen material is also very resistant to wrinkles, and the wrinkles will disappear immediately in a short time. The wool feels warm and rich, and the drape is not bad. However, the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to clean, so it is generally made into winter clothes. In any case, wearing a suit in winter, warmth must be considered in the first place, so the woolen suit is very worthwhile.we are suit tr fabric manufacturer and provide tr suiting fabric,We can guarantee quality.

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