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TC Herringbone Pocketing Fabric


Item Name TC herringbone pocketing fabric
Material 100% polyester 100DX100D 110X 76 herringbone,65% polyester 35% cotton 32S X150D 82X 64 herringbone
Weight 85Gsm
Width 150cm
Finish Dyeing or printing
Usage pocketing and lining
Chinese distribution of pocketing fabric manufacturers
There are a lot of pocketing fabric manufacturers, and the clusters of different pocketing cloths are different. pocketing cloths of different materials and their usage. pocketing cloth is mainly divided into three categories according to the original classification: full chemical fiber, cotton and polyester cotton pocketing cloth.
Among them, all chemical fiber pocketing cloth manufacturers are mainly distributed around Shengze, among which Shengze is known as China Silk Capital. If you need to buy pocketing cloth, here is your best choice.
Polyester cotton and cotton pocketing cloth manufacturers are mainly distributed in Shijiazhuang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The cotton and polyester-cotton pocketing fabric manufacturers that have business dealings with the Yangtze River Cloth are mainly distributed in Shijiazhuang.
pocketing cloth of different materials and its usage
Any fabric used to make a pocketing of clothing can be called a pocketing cloth. According to the original classification, pocketing cloths are mainly divided into three categories: full chemical fiber, cotton and polyester cotton pocketing cloth.
The full chemical fiber pocketing cloth includes polyester taffeta, Chun Yafang and other fabrics. The advantage of full chemical fiber pocketing cloth is that it is inexpensive. The disadvantage is that the density is low and cannot be washed, but the high density is no problem.
Full chemical fiber pocketing cloth is mainly used in children's tops, children's trousers and adult tops. The quality requirements for these types of clothing are not very high.
The advantage of cotton pocketing cloth is that it feels good. The disadvantage is that the price is too high and it is not wearable. Mainly used in jeans, suits, trousers and other high-end clothing that needs to be washed.
The advantage of the polyester-cotton pocketing is that it is moderately priced and wear-resistant, and is no different from the use of cotton.
pocketing cloth cut piece size
The size of the pocketing cloth is relatively large, and the size of each pocketing cloth is not arbitrarily determined. Some are conventional specifications, and some pieces are not commonly used, but they are also necessary. Let's talk about the specifications of the pocketing cloth processing factory.we are pocketing fabric manufacturers.
The conventional specifications for pocketing cloth pieces are: 22 x 28 cm, 20 x 27 cm, 20 x 40 cm, 20 x 43 inside, and the like.
In addition to the unconventional cut piece specifications, there are 13 x 18 cm, 15 x 20 cm, 16 x 22 cm, 17 x 24 cm, 17 x 28 cm, 18 x 26 cm and the like. Of course, it can also be customized according to the requirements of the buyer. Specifications are not dead.
Polyester cotton pocketing cloth specification
There are two main categories of polyester cotton pocketing cloth classification, one is classified according to the content of polyester and cotton, and the other is classified according to the density of warp and weft. The two together form the specifications of the polyester-cotton fabric.
The classification of polyester and cotton content is mainly 80×20 and 65×35. This means that the polyester content in polyester/cotton fabrics accounts for 80% and the cotton content accounts for 20%. In the same way, 65×35 means that the polyester content in polyester/cotton fabrics is 65%, and the cotton content is 35%. Generally speaking, the price of polyester/cotton fabrics is mainly determined by the amount of cotton components, and the cotton content is often high.
Everyone often hears 110×76 in polyester-cotton pocketing cloth, which means that the warp and weft density are 110 and 76 respectively. The general polyester-cotton specifications are 110×76, 88×64 and 96×72.
The above two specifications are the main expressions of polyester/cotton fabric specifications. For example, T/C 80×20 110×76 means: polyester/polyester fabric contains 80% polyester content, cotton content accounts for 20%, warp and weft yarns are 110 and respectively. 76.


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